New Rails beta-Book

Dave Thomas and DHH have released the beta-version of their book Agile Web Development with Rails. I need to grab this book, both to learn more about Rails and to support a great idea.



Okay, the big news (and my major time sink right now) is that my family and I are moving. After 3+ great years in the Pacific Northwest, we're headed back to Utah. I've taken a job with the Family History organization of the LDS Church.

We've lived in a lot of places (in New England, the MidWest, the Intermountain West, and the Pacific Northwest), and have good memories about all of them, but the time is right for our family to head back to the Wasatch Front. We'll be down there in the latter half of June.


Fragility of Judgement

I love this term, which I just saw at radar.oreilly.com. Tim O'Reilly blogged about Malcolm Gladwell's talk at an IT conference.

In his overview, Tim points out how much our judgement is swayed by non-essentials -- for example, an increase from 5% to 50% in hiring female musicians when using visual screens and the poor record of ER doctors in diagnosing heart attacks because they tend to focus on predictive factors rather than symptomatic diagnosis.

My question then is what kinds of extraneous factors blur our judgements?

test first with Ruby

I wrote a tutorial about coding test first for ibm. Hopefully, it’ll help more people start writing code this way.

Update: By the way, I did a lot of the organizational/background work of this using BackPack, which I'm still really enjoying. I'll need to get a bigger review up later, but something a bit more urgent is taking up my time at the moment.


New Google Home Page

It's not a new idea, but it is done pretty well. You can get see your google home page (at least if you're already 'cookified' by google. I'm pretty happy with my first 30 minutes of use. We'll see if I stay happy.

My only nit is that the gmail preview shows the senders for each email instead of the subject.


I want to read 'Higher-Order Perl'

but not enough to buy a copy. MJD is putting it online though, so I’ll have to read it that way. I really don’t care that much about Perl, but I think I can translate the concepts over to Ruby.

On the other hand, maybe just learning haskell or scheme would be enough.


more Ruby Brigades

It looks like there are two more Ruby Brigades meeting soon. Columbus.rb and the Phoeniz.rb (though this one seems to have been around for a while). It’s good to see the growing number of Ruby Brigades.

I’m hoping the next step is to have more regional cooperation—like the Seattle.rb, pdx.rb, and Vancouver group’s upcoming code fest.


Backpacking it!

I got a golden ticket to to try out backpack this weekend, and I’ve been loving it. It’s a great way to organize a lot of the little stuff that’s floating around in/on my head, my calendar, a bunch of post-it notes scattered everywhere, and emails in my inbox.

I think this will be a great addition to basecamp, and tada lists. Together, I think they might even be able to bring order to my disordered life.