Ajax on Rails

Ajax on Rails
Ajax on Rails,
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A great visual pun about two cool web development technologies.

(Thanks to Tim Germer for the pointer.)


Ruby Brigades just rock!

Tim Germer just made a post on his blog about the June pdx.rb meeting. From his tone, it sounds like it was his first meeting, but I think he’s hooked:

It was great to be surrounded by such smart people – there was easily over a dozen people in attendance. The experience was like grabbing a really challenging book off the library shelf and diving in; ambitious to learn new words, etc.

When’s your next Ruby Brigade meeting? I’ll be going to one in Utah next week.


Today's article

Tim O’Reilly wrote about a TestFest in June (I wish I could be there, it looks like it’ll be fun).


Feeling the pain of not unit testing

Ten minutes without a test is a great article about the pain that ignoring tests brings. Whether you’re writing code test first, or just doing unit testing, this is well worth the read.