Home Teaching Survey

Home Teaching in our ward is pretty bad, getting to 40% of the families assigned to the elders quorum is looked at as an achievement. To help understand the problem a little more deeply, we passed around an anonymous survey in Primary, YM, YW, and RS. I knew it wasn't terribly scientific, the sample was poorly chosen among other things, but I thought we could use the data anyway.

I worried that even though this was anonymous, people wouldn't respond honestly. The first several forms I got back all said (essentially) 'All is well, no problem here.', and I thought my fears were confirmed. Gradually, I started to see some of the concerns that I knew were lurking. Here are the results.

I asked six questions:

('Yes' or 'No')
Do you know who your home teachers are? 70% did
Do they visit as often as you'd like? 50% did

(sliding scale)
Do they present an appropriate message? 68% positive
Are you comfortable asking them for service? 65% positive
Would you be comfortable asking them for a blessing? 64% positive
Do they help you to strengthen your family? 56% positive

How could they help you to strengthen your family? I got a lot of answers to this one. Here are a few:

Personally, I see no value in home teaching. I sit there while he talks to my husband, wishing I could be somewhere else. . . . Rather than share what he wants to share, think about us and focus on us, then prepare an appropriate message for us.

He strengthens us each time he comes because he really does care and calls us often

To help, they should actually come!

Have lessons for young children so they'll sit and listen.

Instead of asking if there's anything they can do, be more specific. For example: "Can we help you with your garage sale next week?" Take initiative: "I know you've been sick so we brought you a lasanga."

Know my children and take an interest in their lives


I haven't got a husband, or parents, or children, so I need home teachers

If the active, easy to visit families feel this way, I think we've got a long way to go to straighten out home teaching. How is it going in your ward? What are you doing well? Where do you need to improve?


Kim Siever said...

Home teaching among the EQ in our ward is improving. About six months ago, home teaching was at 9% and that 9% was me. I'm not even a member of the EQ presidency. Now, our home teaching is at 1 out of 3 are being home taught. It's certainly getting better.

And I thought 72% was bad when I was EQP in Vancouver. I wish I could go back and tell those brethren how much good they were doing.

J. Stapley said...

Having a lesson for the young kids is the how I started enjoying home teaching. It actually can be fun!

Kim Siever said...

Last year, a message was on the cornerstones of our faith: Jesus, the First Vision, Book of Mormon and priesthood restoration. I rolled up four pieces of paper into tubes and labelled each as one of these cornerstones. During the message I placed all tubes vertical and placed a book on top. I explained to the parents and children how the book represented the Church. I took one of the tubes away and the book fell.

I need to do another one like that again.

Mark said...

Great idea. I don't want to steal it but it would be something worth creating an online open survey on your blog. I use blogpoll.com. You might consider doing it.

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Mark said...

Great post! I need to be a lot better at my home teaching as well.

Thanks for your comment over at Mo' Boy (http://moboy.blogspot.com). I went ahead and linked to you so I can come back and check you often.

Nice to discover you!