The Church Historian's Press

This sounds pretty cool. I just saw an announcement that the LDS Church is starting “The Church Historian’s Press”, which will publish “works related to the Church’s origin and growth.” The’re initial project will be the 25-30 volume The Joseph Smith Papers.

The Church Historian, Elder Jensen, said that the new imprint and it’s first project “underscore the great value the Church has always placed on its history. This is an invitation for anyone interested in the history of the Church to read the foundational documents related to its beginning and development.”

The announcement also mentions that the Joseph Smith Papers project has been endorsed by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, which is a significant vote of confidence in the project. Professor Harry S. Stout of the project’s advisory board said:

“Receiving this endorsement is important. It conveys the Commission?s conclusion that the staff and procedures of The Joseph Smith Papers meet the NHPRC’s rigorous scholarly standards for transcription and annotation and that the edition will be accurate and professional.”

Sounds like good stuff is happening. I can’t wait to see the fruits of this new endeavor.

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