My Reading List on 8/31/2010

Thanks to Prentice Hall and Addison-Weseley giving me three new books, my reading list has bulked back up. Here's what I'm working through at the moment:

What are you reading? Why?


phil tomson said...

(saw this come across on google buzz, commented there, but not sure if you read buzz so I'm copying it here): Yes, we do have a dearth of good OCaml books. However, I would highly recommend "The Functional Aproach to Programming" by Cousineau and Mauny. It covers Caml, not OCaml so you won't get the OO part of OCaml, but most of the rest works fine. It's been described as an SICP for CAML.

pate said...

that's pretty high praise. I'll have to put it onto my 'to buy list' so it can get on my 'to read list'.