Looking at patterns in the Book of Mormon

Over on Mormanity in Jeff's post on Alma 36 and chiasmus (see also his follow-up) I asked about finding a community for discussing potential chiasms. In one of my comments, I promised to post something, and here it is.

In Alma 26:6-8 there are what I think are some interesting parallelistic patterns, an extended parallel, a simple parallel, and a chiasm. Here's my attempt at laying them out:

A Yea, they shall not be beaten down by the
storm at the last day;
B yea, neither shall they be harrowed up by
the whirlwinds;
but when the storm cometh
C they shall be gathered together in
their place,
A that the storm cannot penetrate to
B yea, neither shall they be driven with
fierce winds
C whithersoever the enemy listeth to
carry them.

But behold,
a they are in the hands of the Lord of the
harvest, and
a they are his;

A and he will raise them up at the last day.
B Blessed be the name of our God;
C let us sing to his praise, yea,
C let us give thanks
B to his holy name,
A for he doth work righteousness forever.

So, what do you think?

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