Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers

I've just checked out Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers from my local library (again). I really enjoyed the book the first time around, but recently, I've started thinking about some of the themes in it and how they apply to my feelings about Mormonism. I wanted to reread the book to refresh my understanding of three points in particular:

  • (from the book) Scriptural exegesis can really only be performed by individuals in a ministerial role -- anyone else lacks the context to really understand how the scriptures should apply to our lives.

  • (from the book) Early christians interacted differently with the scriptures than modern christians do, because they read (and sang) them communally.

  • (from the book) There is a real benefit to modern christians who will make the effort to read the patrilogia. The insights of these men might challenge modern assumptions, but can also shed light on the scriptures because of their proximity to them.

  • (a personal take) Conference talks (especially those by Apostles) are similar in many ways to the patrilogia. Do I spend enough time studying them (especially those that pre-date my membership in the Church)?

Hopefully as I spend some time re-reading, I can put my thoughts about the above into bloggable shape.

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Palouse Fed. Church said...

Hey- Glad you were reading Chris Hall's book "Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers." He is a great guy. Email him questions at chall@eastern.edu
I don't know if you are still reading this book, but I encourage you to read the other books in the series- there is a whole set of Ancient Christian Commentaries that goes hand in glove with this book.