A new stake presidency, part 0 -- the prelude

We're supposed to have a general authority at our Stake conference next month. Because our stake presidency has been serving in their positions for quite a while, this led to the recurring rumour that the stake presidency would be reorgainized. It got bad enough that people were approaching members of the presidency to ask them to confirm the rumours. It seems that they've decided to clarify things. We've been asked to tell all of the families we're assigned to Home Teach that the presidency will be reorganized, and to ask them all to come to conference to be part of the occasion.

I'll be sorry to see the current presidency disbanded. They're all great men, and have done a wonderful job in their callings. I have faith that the new presidency will be every bit as inspired (and inspiring). Succession happens, I can deal with that.

I'm saddened that we (as a stake, as a people ...) are so prone to speculating over who will fill new positions that the rumour mill kicked into high enough gear that the current presidency felt a need to counteract it by announcing the upcoming change.

But the kicker, at least to me, is that we care so little about stake conference (or general conference for that matter) that we need to tell people that there's a special occasion so that they'll come. It almost seems that some people feel conference is a week off from church.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the unavoidable sifting that occurs with any change of leadership (the 'higher' up the chain the change, the greater the sift).

Having been in a 'lower' leadership position, I felt when brand new there the expectation of some was for me to pick up the trail right where the previous more seasoned leader had left. Uhh. . . I was deeply at the bottom of the learning curve and had to make my own mistakes as I struggled up the slope that felt steep to me. Takes many people years to get where it took others years to get!

The new stake presidency will be just that -- brand new and most likely a little bewildered as the seasoned and released stake presidency take a deep breath and relax for a moment. I expect and hope most (or all!) will be patient; a few whose 'suggestions' were ignored (HE was called?!? Hmph!) may not be back for a time, or ever again. . .