A timeline for Alma(1) and Alma(2)

The following is a rough timeline for the lives of Alma the Elder and Alma the Younger. Some of the dates are approximations based on other events, some are guesses from clues in the Book of Mormon. I'd love to hear what people think.

Without further ado, the timeline:

173 BCAlma(1) born in Nephi-Lehi
151 BCMosiah(2) born in Zarahemla
150-148 BCAbinadi teaches in Lehi-Nephi, and is martyred
145-120 BCAlma(1) leads people in Helam
147 BCAlma(1) teaches at the Waters of Mormon
c. 130 BCAlma(2) born in Helam (see Alma 5:5)
124 BCMosiah(2) begins to reign
120 BCMosiah(2) authorizes Alma(1) to organize the church
100 - 92 BCconversion of Alma(2)
91 BCAlma(1) dies at 82 years old, Alma(2) becomes the High Priest
Mosiah(2) dies at 63 years old, Alma(2) becomes Chief Judge
87 BCAlma(2) wounded in battle
86-85 BCAlma(2) baptizes thousands
83 BCAlma(2) gives up judgement seat
Alma(2) preaches in Zarahemla and Gideon
82 BCAlma(2) preaches in Melek and Ammoniha (with Amulek)
81 BCPrison in Amonihah cast down
Alma(2) and Amulek preach in Sidon and return to Zarahemla
81-77 BCAlma(2) reunited with Sons of Mosiah
74 BCAlma(2) gives "Oh that I were an Angel" sermon
Dispute with Korihor
Alma(2) leads mission to Antionum (Zoramites) with sons Shiblon and Corianton
73 BCAlma(2) instructs Helaman(1), Shiblon, and Corianton
Alma(2) teaches Helaman(1) again
Alma(2) is translated
Helaman(1) becomes High Priest

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joerg said...

Mosiah would have been born 154 BC, not 151.
Also, I find it amazing that King Benjamin would have been in his 60s when Mosiah was born.
He was king at around 200BC (when Zeniff left) and was probably at least 20 at that time, wouldn't you think?