Another Ruby book announced

Pro Ruby by Andrew Patzer from Apress. This looks like it's fast becoming a crowded field.


yabadabadoo helper said...

I thought I was the only Mormon acquainted with Ruby.

pate said...

Well, matz and why are both Mormons too (among others), so we're part of a bigger world :)

How much do you use Ruby?

yabadabadoo helper said...

They're Mormons? That's insane. I manage development for a ruby based application that has about 50k lines of Ruby and about 2k of C, including our own database persistence layer, mysql interface (we're pushing and pulling gigabytes of data in and out of the database at at time, and dbi just wasn't fast enough), and csv parser (which uses mmap, so it's quite fast).

(My background before this job was C++ and Java centered database applications, but Ruby is an easy jump from these)

pate said...

Acutally, it's Why that's normally called insane ;)

The Ruby work you're doing sounds pretty cool. Drop me an email (pat.eyler@gmail.com) and we can talk more.