Wortschatz -- racked

Next up is the first of two words: racked.

I could only find it used in 4 places in the scriptures; twice by Alma, once by Ammon, and once by Moroni.

It first appears in Mosiah 27:29, where Alma is giving the first version of his great penitential discourse. Alma uses the term to describe the state of his soul while encumbered by sin.

Ammon uses it next, in Alma 26:9 he describes the Lamanites as being racked with hatred were it not for his (and his brothers') teaching the gospel.

Alma pickes the term up again in his second penitential discourse (Alma 36:12,14,16-17), given to his son Helamen. Again, he uses it to describe the guilt and suffering he experiences as a result of sin.

The last reference is found in Momon 9:3 where Moroni uses the term in the same context as Alma.

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