Priesthood Preparation -- Lesson 1

Here's my draft outline for the first Priesthood Preparation lesson.

I Gaining a testimony of Jesus Christ (Alma 32)
A Why does it matter?
B How can I do it?
1 Personal and family scripture study
2 Personal and family prayer
3 Regular attendance at meetings
4 Giving service
II Priesthood Organization
A Aaronic
1 Role
2 Offices and duties
B Melchezidek
1 Role
2 Offices and duties
C Quorums
1 Purposes of
2 Membership in
3 Activities of
III Keeping Covenants
A Many kinds of covenants
B Basic principles
1 Understanding the covenant
2 Having a testimony
3 Having integrity
4 Making a daily effort
IV The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood
A Group reading of D & C 84:33-41
B Discuss individual application
C Magnifying callings

Does this look reasonable to everyone? What would you add/change?


J. Stapley said...

Looks Good.

Stephen said...

Looks good, though you may want to do a handout with it as well to help people follow it -- you are covering a lot of ground.

pate said...

a handout is a great idea. I plan on giving out copies of Pres Faust's talk a week ahead. I should probably pass out a handout and the next weeks 'featured talk' at the beginning of the class.

I'm tempted to just turn the outline into a handout. I always tend to learn more by taking my own notes. Any thoughts?