Good Bye Wump Blog

Wump Blog is going away while Danithew concentrates on finishing his Master's degree. Wump Blog has been a favored read of mine for quite a while. At least I can take solace in Danithew's comment that he's not going away, just his blog. I'll look forward to seeing his ocasional comments, and (when the time comes) a return to blogging.


Clark Goble said...

I wonder if one big benefit to group-blogs is that it lets people who can only blog infrequently contribute to a place where others can read their work. There are about a dozen blogs that I think have great comments, but are updated so infrequently that I rarely check them.

pate said...

I think group blogging is a good approach to keeping a blog active enough to be worth daily checking. I tried to recruit a couple of local friends to help me with this one, but they're not really comfortable with the idea (or time committment) of blogging.

On the other hand, RSS aggregators like www.bloglines.com are a big help on seeing new posts (alas, not comments though)


Mark said...

I agree but a group blog can be difficult to start. I have tried jump-starting two different blogs as group blogs, but have had very little success on one and no success on the other. Any suggestions?!