Writing a Hymn

Orson Scott Card has written a series of articles about writing hymns. This struck a chord with me and reminded me of an article from FARMS, Two Hymns Based on Nephi's Psalm (available in PDF only).

I've appreciated Alma the Younger's poetic style for a long time, so I sat down to try my hand at a hymn influenced by his words. This work is based on Mosiah 27:24-31 and Alma 36:12-24

I was caught fast by sin's cold chain,
He took away my pain.
My limbs received their strength again,
I stood upon my feet.

I stood in darkness, endless night,
'til Jesus touch'd my sight.
Then oh what joy, what marv'lous light,
my soul was filled with joy.

The world groans in its bitterness,
but soon the Son will bless.
Each knee will bow, each tongue confess,
that Jesus is the Christ.

I don't have any music written for this, but it should work well with the music from any 8686 hymn (slower music seems to fit the best).

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