A New Stake Presidency - Part 2

It took longer than I'd thought it would for our Bishopric to be reorganized. Once again, the time leading up to it were awash in speculation. Having felt the witness I'd prayed for when the stake presidency was called, I began praying for the same kind of witness in this reorganization. My ten year old son and I spent some time talking about why it was important to have your own testimony and witness of these callings, and he spent some time praying for a witness himself.

When the call came (in mid-October), I was again blessed with a confirmation of the call. The new bishop is a very humble man, who has a great deal of leadership experience. His first counselor was first counselor to our previous bishop as well. The new second counselor was serving as the president of the elders quorum, which meant there was more churn ahead.

In a nice show of meekly serving, the former second counselor helped pass the sacrement the week after the reorganization (we have three active Young Men). He ended up passing sacrament to the new bishopric and the others on the stand.

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