A New Stake Presidency - Part 3

About four weeks after our bishopric was reorganized, I got a phone call from the stake executive secretary asking my wife and I to come in and meet with our new stake president the next morning. During this meeting, he asked me to serve as the new elders quorum president. I spent a good deal of the day praying about the quorum, my role, and who should serve as counselors.

The elders quorum presidency was reorganized two weeks later. I have two wonderful brethren serving as my counselors, a member of the young men's presidnecy and the former second counselor. The following week, the last of the cascading callings took place. While there will be changes in the future, we've hit the end of a series of changes that have been enlightening and inspiring. At one point during this course, I wrote the following in my journal:

There are a number of brethren in the ward who could be called as our new bishop. This has lead my family and I to do a great deal of thinking and praying -- Are we living the gospel to the best of our ability? Are we going to be able to support our new bishop and his counselors? Will we be able to be a strength to the ward in this time of change?

No matter what happens, this has been a fruitful time for us. We have identified many places where we can improve. I hope that we will exercise our faith and make these improvments.

Indeed, times of change present us all with many opportunities for introspection and growth. It's up to us whether we'll take advantage of those opportunities.


Dave said...

Best of luck with your new responsibilities. No doubt you'll get plenty of new material to blog about!

Kim Siever said...

Our elders quorum president is moving and I just received an email from the stake executive secretary that said the first counsellor wants to meet with me next week. I may be joining you.