A(nother) New Stake Presidency: Part 0

Some time ago, I wrote a series of posts about getting a new Stake Presidency in the Kent, Washington Stake. Now, about two years later, We're living in the Oak Hills, Provo, Utah Stake and we're again in the middle of the reorganization of a Stake Presidency.

I don't know the brethren presiding here as well as I did the men in Kent. I've felt their spirit though, and believe them to been called of God to the positions they hold. They've served for a long time and (by all accounts) have been wonderful leaders.

As our conference approaches, I've been reflecting on my experiences in Kent. I hope to receive a strong witness of the calling and authority of our new presidency. I've also been encouraging my family and the young men in the Deacons quorum (with whom I work) to prepare for, seek, and expect that witness as well.

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