What I liked in 1 Ne 7

On Sunday, we read 1 Ne 7, and with this entry I'll be caught up. (We don't read as a family on Monday nights, holding Family Home Evening instead.) This chapter is about a second trip back to Jerusalem (the first was covered in 1 Ne 3-4).
It impresses me that in the first trip, Nephi and his brothers collect the Plates of Brass (or, the scriptures), establishing a spiritual foundation for themselves. Then in the second trip, they go back to find wives with whom to establish families. What a great model for building successful families — it makes me think one of the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood: "Prepare to become a worthy husband and father." In the Aaronic Priesthood program, we're trying to help the young men follow the same pattern that Nephi followed.

A number of sections of this chapter stood out to me as I read:
  • 1 Ne 7:8-12 — Nephi preaching to his rebellious brothers.
  • 1 Ne 7:17-18 — Nephi praying for a miracle. This remindes me that when we're faithful, and turn to the Lord, He will give us the means to accomplish His work (see also Ether 12:27).
  • 1 Ne 7:21 &mdah; After all that they do to him, Nephi still "frankly forgives" his brothers.

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