What I Liked in 1 Ne 8

Every time we read 1 Ne 8 I get caught up in the imagery. Some of the things that stood out to me this time were:
  • 1 Ne 8:7-8 — Lehi traveling through the dark and dreary waste. I like both the metaphor of life without the gospel and his prayer that the Lord would show him mercy according to His great and tender mercies (shades of Elder Bednar's talk).
  • 1 Ne 8:10-16 — Lehi partakes of the fruit, then wants to share it with his family.
  • 1 Ne 8:21-28 — The great and spacious building, it was interesting to read this and then hear President Packer talking about it in his devotional at BYU.
  • 1 Ne 8:36-37 — Lehi's feelings for his children.

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