Five Things I liked in 1 Ne 2

As you can see today we read the second chapter of First Nephi as a family. I picked out five things that I really liked:
  1. 1 Ne 2:3 — Lehi was obedient to the Lord.
  2. 1 Ne 2:7 — Lehi and his family were observant even though they were travelling, even though it was hard.
  3. 1 Ne 2:8-11 — Lehi found (and took) opportunities to teach his family in the things they did and the places they were.
  4. 1 Ne 2:12 — A great description of why we murmer.
  5. 1 Ne 2:16-17 — A pattern that helps explain why missionary work (evangelism) is so important to me.
The pattern in verses 16 and 17 is probably worth breaking out:
  1. (implied) We hear the gospel (or a specific gospel teaching).
  2. We desire to learn for ourselves.
  3. We pray to know the truth.
  4. We receive and answer by the Spirit.
  5. We then obey what we've learned (see also 1 Ne 2:3 in point 1 above).
  6. We testify to others of the truth we've learned.
I really love reading the Book of Mormon, both by myself and as a family. Even though our reading time can be filled with jokes, interruptions, and strange tangents (hey, you try reading something every night with two teenagers) it is an enriching and important part of my evenings.

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