What I liked in 1 Nephi 4

Last night's reading (yes, I'm still a day behind) was 1 Ne 4. Once again, here's my list of neat things(which picks up with yesterday's):
  1. 1 Ne 4:1-38 — continues the set of three examples from chapter 3
  2. 1 Ne 4:19-21 — A neat parallel to Gen 27.
  3. 1 Ne 4:32-38 — the absolute adherance to oaths
In my last post I talked about two examples: doing things our way, and doing them the world's way. In this chapter, we see that the best way to get results when trying to do the Lord's work is to do it His way. It only makes sense, doesn't it.

The parallel I mentioned above is also pretty striking. Laban was the keeper of the plates, but when he failed to live up to that responsibility he was replaced in that role. If we're not living up to the responsibilities of our callings, that may be our fate as well — hopefully not as drastically as was Laban.

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