What I liked in 1 Ne 10

I noticed several things in 1 Ne 10 as we read it tonight:
  • 1 Ne 10:2-11 — Lehi prophecies of the fall of Judah, the coming of the Messiah, and of John the Baptist.
  • 1 Ne 10:12-14 — Lehi compares mankind to an olive tree, prefiguring Jacob 5 (which makes me think that Jacob was probably exposed to it through his father's reading of the Brass Plates, I'm very interested in how parents language and teachings affect their children's language and teachings in the scriptures).
  • 1 Ne 10:16 — Another reference to Lehi dwelling in a tent. Hmm, maybe these bookend something, time to go back and look again.
  • 1 Ne 10:17-19 — Nephi desires to know for himself and teaches about God's willingness to share knowledge with His children.

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