Reading Together

This week we've been reading the front-matter and started First Nephi (tonight, we read 1 Ne 1). Reading together and trying to keep everyone engaged can be a challenge.

I loved reading Joseph Smith's testimony last night. It's such a powerful couple of pages. I get chills everytime I read it. A few years ago we lived close enough to Palmyra, New York, that we were able to visit the places where these events occurred, which helped put a 'face' on the whole thing.

I've also been reading the new Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball book. Since I'm working with the Young Men, I don't get to attend the Elders Quorum classes using this and I have to take some extra time to keep up. As a convert, I really liked the section about his focus on missionary work while serving as President of the Church in the chapter on hisLife and Ministry.

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