What I liked in 1 Nephi 5

Hey, I'm caught up again, yay!

Tonight as we read 1 Ne 5, I was struck by a couple of things:
  1. In 1 Ne 5:8, Sariah has just finished complaining, and then realizing how much she and her family have been blessed. In her praise, she makes it very clear that because of the trials she's just been through that her testimony is stronger — now, she knows of a surety.
  2. In 1 Ne 5:10, Lehi takes the time to 'search [the plates] from the beginning'. To me this is important for two reasons. First, even though they're travelling through the wilderness, it's important to Lehi to study the scriptures. Second, he doesn't just read them, he searches them from the beginning.
Oh, one thing from yesterday. I really liked how Nephi has already begun associating his journey through the wilderness with the Exodus and drawing parallels between the situations they find themselves in.

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