A(nother) New Stake Presidency: Part 1

(Yes, I"m behind on my "What I Liked In ..." series. We're reading every night, I've just been slacking about writing. I'll try to catch up this afternoon. I wanted to write this first, though.)

Yesterday (Saturday, Jan 20th), I attended two sessions of Stake Conference. During the first, I sat with a large group from my ward. Our Stake President spoke first, and talked about the importance of training in leadership councils. He also addressed the reorganization of the Presidency, saying:
"Today and tomorrow we are witnessing a priesthood transition. We are watching the priesthood in action."
Following his comments, we heard from the two visiting authorities, Elder Ence and Elder Workmann (who was presiding). I was especially impressed by Elder Workmann's talk, he spoke with a great deal of passion. His presentation of 'the rising generation as a cycle, not a particular group of people was very interesting. I'll try to blog about it later (after I'm caught up). I also enjoyed a quote that Elder Ence used about taking youth groups to Martin's Cove:
"Martin's cove is not too far, but Lagoon is."
During the break between meetings, we had a final choir practice before singing two pieces in the final conference session of the day. Not much of a break, but a good setting to ponder what I'd heard so far and to try to prepare myself for what was still to come.

During the next session, I was sitting on the stand with the choir (my wife and son were there too). We heard from the two councilors in the current presidency both spoke. They were retrospective, and both expressed a desire to stay true to the faith and to continue to serve in whatever positions they might be called to next. Again, I found Elder Workman to be a powerful speaker.

Overall, I really enjoyed the spirit and content of both meetings, and I'm looking forward to the general session tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to seeing "the priesthood in action."

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